Can Do

Learning psychology, the latest technology and a dose of elbow grease – that’s our formula for tailor-made elearning that meets even the toughest business and training challenges.

We’re the Can Do elearning company.

Dynamic, Bespoke eLearning Solutions

Day One Technologies is a bespoke elearning solutions company in the UK, supporting L&D in business, government and the third sector with training strategy, content and implementation.

For over 20 years we’ve created dynamic digital learning solutions, such as system simulations, innovative content and scenario-based training, to engage staff and improve business performance.


eLearning Design and Development

eLearning Design & Development

Bespoke Content

Bespoke content development services

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Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Custom LMS

Easy to use, modular learning platforms

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System Simulations

System Simulations

Realistic, Simulated Systems

True-to-life, immersive learning experiences

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eLearning Scenarios – eRoleplay

Real-life customer service scenarios

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Finance sector


Finance Training

We’ve helped several major brands in the highly regulated, hugely competitive financial services sector.

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Construction sector


Industrial Training

Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing – sectors prone to disruption from new regs and tech.

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Call Centres

Call Centres

Call Centre Training

Our team has decades of combined experience in call centre training across a range of sectors.

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Healthcare sector


Healthcare Training

Training to help the NHS and private healthcare providers increase patient satisfaction and improve care.

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Third sector

Third Sector

Third Sector Training

Helping charities and voluntary organisations to deliver on their missions within tight budgets.

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IT sector

IT / Technical

IT / Technical Training

Adaptable systems training and elearning content that can evolve to keep pace with your technology.

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True-to-life training

We create scenario and simulation-based training that’s so true to life, learners often feel like they are using your live systems.

Our backgrounds in learning psychology, instructional design and computer science enable us to use tech to make learning fast and effective.

Engage & retain staff

Turnover of staff is expensive and disruptive. Great training made available through digital learning not only improves employee performance – it helps to make them feel valued.

We help you to engage employees by giving them more control of learning, providing you and them with feedback and analytics, and helping staff to learn by doing.

Making budgets go further

Stripping out anything non-essential and focusing on digital learning solutions bespoke to your needs – we help maximise your ROI.

Our working environment is lean, efficient & agile, keeping us creative & responsive, and our prices competitive.

It also creates strong client relationships, some of which have lasted for decades.