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Datix called us in to develop immersive online learning to support their patient safety software.

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Datix is the leading provider of software for patient safety in the UK, with a customer base of around 400 hospital trusts. Their incident reporting software encourages healthcare professionals to report safety errors and near-misses; it then creates reports that managers can use to pick up on trends and areas for improvement.

Datix needed a short online training package to go with their online form.

The Challenge

Datix needed targeted pieces of e-learning for both the users who log incidents in the software and managers who investigate, manage and analyse the logged data.They wanted the material to be highly contextualised and engaging to show hospital and social-care staff how quickly and easily they can complete the vital Incident Logging form.

On top of this, the solution also had to be easy to customise. They delivered slightly different versions of the form to their different customers; the elearning had to reflect these differences so that the target learner would be seeing the same version of the form that they use in real life.


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The Can Do

We developed a simulation-based training package, so that users and managers feel like they have practised on the live system. To make it feel as real as possible, the content was character / scene led and used real-life incident examples.

We created our scenario content as building blocks. Each chunk of content is a separate block, so we can quickly and easily model similar processes by swapping out blocks of content as needed.

What we end up with is a generic core that can be easily tweaked (both in design and content) for different customer needs. A tidy solution!

The Outcome

The client was very happy with the solution we designed for them.

‘Day One’s solution is so much better than anything we’ve seen before. They have worked hard to ensure that everything we wanted has been included. The result is a true-to-life environment that staff can use to try-out the form. They’ve managed to make it fun and engaging whilst letting people practise the vital business of logging health and safety-related incidents that they have witnessed at work.’ – Gareth Clayfield, Senior Account Manager
“The Datix/Day One’s solution ticks all the boxes! We specified an interactive immersive piece of online learning and that’s what they provided. Well done.” – Natasha Frith (Head of Learning Academy HCA Healthcare UK)



The Datix/Day One’s solution ticks all the boxes! We specified an interactive immersive piece of online learning and that’s what they provided. Well done.



Natasha Firth


Head of Learning Academy HCA Healthcare UK

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