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eLearning Content Development

Here at Day One we offer bespoke elearning content development services to help engage your learners and achieve great results. We work hard to make corporate training dead easy.

Introduction Section


eLearning design – made to measure

There is loads of jargon around when it comes to corporate elearning development, with new buzz words being coined seemingly on a daily basis. The grounding principles of effective elearning design have always been the same though – if it’s relevant, true-to-life and enjoyable, it will work.

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We work closely with leading UK, European and global organisations to understand their training content development needs, their business goals, and their unique environments.

We then create interactive elearning in the form of workplace scenarios, system simulations and bite-size training content.

We have the knowledge and toolkit to solve any training problem, but here’s just a few of the business challenges we can help you deal with:

  • Creation of engaging, multimedia content – we can bring fun to the process, but don’t add frills for the sake of it. We identify the most effective styles of delivery for your unique requirements, and this might be in the form of text, video, audio, social learning, branching scenarios, interactive games, or blended learning. Often it’s several of these in combination.
  • Product knowledge development – when sales training must allow for a fast-growing or fast-changing array of products or services to know inside out, then good, rapid elearning content development and delivery is essential. Multimedia training content with good use of images, games and video can make even the driest topics engaging.

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  • Remote staff training – is your team spread out nationwide or even worldwide? No problem! We create responsive, mobile learning content that can be accessed on any device for anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Extended enterprise learning – so you’ve got your own staff well-drilled, now what about your supply chain and business associates? Effective extended enterprise training content and assessment can help ensure product knowledge, best practice, brand message and support process are carried out seamlessly.

  • Assessment and personalised learning – we can create testing processes such as quizzes and exams to assess the progress of your learners. This can help you to identify skills gaps in individuals or across teams, in order to deliver tailored training updates and learner support.
  • A systematic approach to training development – we know what it takes to go from needs analysis and good ideas to getting things done and delivered. We can work in close partnership with you, forming a highly effective extension of your L&D team.

Based near Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK, the Day One team has decades of experience in learning psychology and best practice, combined with technical expertise that evolves with the latest available elearning technologies.
We’re not mad, but we are scientists. Our elearning content designers and developers bring a Can Do attitude to every project and a laser focus on delivering on-spec, on-time and on-budget.
If you have a training problem, we would love to help. Let’s talk elearning content.
Talk to an elearning development expert
eLearning Solutions Director, Elaine Teal
Elaine Teal
eLearning Solutions Director
+44 (0)1924 510 524

Elaine knows how to create elearning that has a dramatic impact on business and learning outcomes.

She has a background in Educational Psychology combined with a career designing and developing online learning for some of the best-known brands in the UK and Europe, including the likes of Lloyds Bank, the NHS, Scottish Government and Halifax.

This puts her in an unrivalled position to understand what really works for adult learners, and how to achieve it given the constraints of technology, budget and culture.

Case Study section

Case Study

Case study:
Read our ghd elearning case study to see how we helped them with mobile friendly training content and a bespoke LMS with a social learning twist.

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Content case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning content:

GHD Case Study Content

An LMS to make learning fun

ghd wanted a new LMS and elearning solution to train sales staff on the science and technology behind each of its products. They wanted the training to be fun and engaging – in line with their innovative brand.

We developed a bespoke learning management system that provides ghd trainees with engaging, multimedia content such as video, photos, animation and music. Being able to share scores and comment on progress via Facebook added more fun and a little healthy competition.

ghd’s HR team were delighted with the results and plan to use the LMS for sales, merchandising and induction training, with potential for extending it to further roles across the company.

Read more about this bespoke LMS and elearning for ghd.

Scot GovCase Study Content

eLearning content for hospital trusts

The Scottish Government (working on behalf of NHS Scotland) commissioned eLearning from Day One to form a vital part of their Health and Social Care certification programme – ‘Whole System Patient Flow Improvement’.

This NHS eLearning was designed as part of the certification course to improve acute hospital patient services across Scotland by eliminating “Artificial Variability” (AKA ineffective processes). They wanted to spread the understanding of effective patient flow from a small group of pilot teams, to all the acute hospital teams across NHS Scotland.

Read more about this solution.