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Software Product Training – RCP Case Study

The Royal College of Physicians wanted an elearning solution to deliver new software product training for their staff. So they brought in the Day One team to create system simulations with realistic practice scenarios.


Datix Software Project for Royal College of Physicians (RCP)

RCP purchased the Datix patient safety software system to be used in hospitals across the UK.

Datix software allows physicians to log all the details surrounding a death with high clinical detail. It then allows administrators to analyse the data and look for patterns of interest, trends and warning signs.

The National Mortality Case Record Review (NMCRR) programme contract was awarded to RCP. It is commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership and is funded by NHS Improvement.


The Challenge

The RCP collaborates with two partners – the Improvement Academy and Datix UK – to deliver the NMCRR programme.

RCP wanted a high-quality elearning solution for onboarding and training people in using the software. They commissioned Day One to produce a simulation of the system and realistic scenarios for staff to practise – with the elearning content tailored to different roles.

The Can Do

The software training begins with an overview of how the system can be used, and then presents learners with 3 realistic scenarios that will flesh out all the pitfalls and problems that can occur with such precise clinical data gathering – and issues around the terminology.

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The learner can have a walkthrough first, then attempt to go through the scenarios without the on-screen help.

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After this stage, there are scenarios to help practitioners search, cross reference and analyse the data in several layers. They also practise the use of customisable, interactive reporting features, such as word cloud reports.

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Case Study

The Result

Our solution for scenario and simulation based software training really gives RCP staff an immersive learning experience, and challenges them to use the system correctly.

This type of active learning has been shown by numerous studies to be far more effective than passive consumption of training materials.

Help with Software Training? Can Do

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