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Healthcare eLearning

Healthcare eLearning

We are working with several public and private sector organisations to deliver healthcare elearning solutions across the UK.

Training  solutions for health service providers

Online training is ideal for onboarding and continuing professional development (CPD) in healthcare because it allows new content to be rolled out quickly and at low cost within this high-consequence, fast-changing environment.

For over 20 years, Day One Technologies has been providing elearning services and solutions to some of the best-known companies and organisations in the UK and Europe. We’ve built long-term working relationships with many clients, becoming their trusted partner for all things learning. This is based on a Can Do approach, the ability to engage learners, and focus on delivering projects on-spec, on-time, and on-budget.

Our services & solutions

  • Bespoke elearning content development
  • Simulation training
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Scenario-based training, including 'eRoleplay'
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The Day One team combines in-depth understanding of learning psychology, the latest and best in training technology, and excellence in elearning design and development.

Healthcare elearning can work well for learners working in a range of health environments, including NHS or private hospitals, GP surgeries, dental practices and nursing / care homes.

All our content and LMS solutions are designed to be mobile friendly, working equally well on tablet, smartphone or desktop device.

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Anytime, anywhere learning

24/7 access to learning materials is convenient and important for a healthcare workforce that often works in variable shifts.

eLearning reduces the disruption and time away from work, as well as the cost, when compared to training nurses, doctors and support staff in a traditional, face to face environment.

eLearning for healthcare staff can also deliver powerful learner analytics that enables you to track access to content, progress through materials, and successful completion, which is often essential for regulatory compliance.

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Elearning for healthcare - case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for healthcare providers and health related projects:

NHS eLearning to Help Improve Patient Flow

NHS eLearning to Help Improve Patient Flow

eLearning content for hospital trusts

The Scottish Government (working on behalf of NHS Scotland) commissioned eLearning from Day One to form a vital part of their Health and Social Care certification programme – ‘Whole System Patient Flow Improvement’.

This NHS eLearning was designed as part of the certification course to improve acute hospital patient services across Scotland by eliminating “Artificial Variability” (AKA ineffective processes). They wanted to spread the understanding of effective patient flow from a small group of pilot teams, to all the acute hospital teams across NHS Scotland.

Read more about this solution.

Raising mental health awareness with elearning

Raising mental health awareness with elearning

Raising awareness

1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year. In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week. While figures like these highlight how common it is for people to experience mental health problems, there are still many misconceptions about mental health, and some stigma around discussing mental health openly.

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Low-Cost, engaging & effective healthcare training? Can Do

Why not get in touch with us at Day One to discuss how we can help your organisation to engage learners and make your healthcare training more effective?

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