eLearning for Product Knowledge Training

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eLearning for Product Knowledge Training

Day One can create bespoke elearning for product knowledge training – helping your teams to develop the skills and confidence to deliver great sales, marketing and customer service.


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Engaging elearning for knowledge & skills development

Whether you sell physical products or you’re a service provider, frontline staff need extensive knowledge of both the solution’s specifications, and how they deliver on customer needs and expectations.

If you need to train an external network of channel sales partners, distributors or customers, we can also create an ‘extended enterprise’ solution that gives them the knowledge and skills they need to promote or use your solutions, and that keeps them up to date.

We combine learning psychology with the latest tools and best practice in elearning to create interactive product knowledge training that is engaging and effective.GHD drag and drop

eLearning is ideal for making onboarding and ongoing knowledge and skills development fast and accessible for staff who might be based across multiple locations or working in shifts.

There is no need to hire face-to-face trainers or classroom facilities. It’s also ideal for companies who have frequent changes to their products and services, or who need to adapt to new legislation or industry guidelines. boc product

Training content can be rolled out to relevant teams or an entire workforce as soon as it has been updated.

We can create multimedia elearning using audio, micro-learning objects and video, as well as text materials, to suit the needs of different types of learner and the nature of the content.

We can create scenario based learning that enables your teams to practise using their product knowledge in a realistic sales or customer service situation.

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Case Study

Alternatively, read some of our case studies to see how we’ve made learning more effective:

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Product training case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for product training:

ghd case study Section

ghd case study Section

eLearning for sales training at ghd

we created content and an LMS with a social learning twist for ghd staff and their network over over 50,000 salons worldwide.

Read more about this eLearning for Sales Training at ghd.

BOC case study Section

ghd case study Section

Breathing life into oxygen therapy training

Many care home residents use home oxygen therapy. Incorrect use and storage of oxygen equipment can have serious consequences, so training care home staff in how to support their residents with their oxygen therapy is of vital importance.

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“We’ve had great reactions to the elearning world-wide . . . and we can’t wait to grow our online offering to include merchandising, sales and induction.”





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Help creating great product knowledge training? Can Do

Whatever your product knowledge training needs, Day One can deliver on them with a bespoke elearning solution for your sales, marketing or customer service teams.

We can help you to develop your internal staff or your channel sales partners, distributors or customers as part of an extended enterprise training programme.

Want to learn more? contact us for an informal discussion about your needs.