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Improve Software User Adoption with eLearning

With great elearning to improve software user adoption, you can avoid doing the hard work of getting new customers in the door, then losing them at a crucial moment. Turn sign-ups into active users and paying customers with outstanding software training.


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A better software onboarding experience

Here at Day One, we understand the importance of designing a software onboarding experience that helps you convert your hard-won product awareness into active users and paying customers. We do this by combining unique expertise in learning psychology and tech to create solutions that make training faster and more effective.


The reality of churn

It’s all too common to think that a great product will speak for itself once a user gets to experience the features and benefits during a free trial or in a demo version. The problem is – that experience usually never happens.

Over the last decade, numerous studies have shown that most IT projects fail, and this frustrating fact extends to software adoption and user retention.

The failings are rarely in the solutions themselves, but in the implementation, training and subsequent user adoption.
All business software is designed to save us time and effort – and most do. However, every new product has a learning curve, so we’re constantly asking ourselves – will this be worth it?

Software companies need their new users to go from that uncertainty to a ‘yes’ quickly, so that they are not just another churn statistic.


Successful software onboarding

We’ve helped a wide range of clients, including some of the world’s best-known brands, to help their users get to grips with new software and internal systems. This has led to greatly improved learning outcomes and reduced time to competency.

When it comes to starting a free trial or demo version of a new software product, you’ll often be given some useful intro guides, perhaps a video – or even a video series – but you’re then left to get on with it, relying on FAQs to fall back on if you get stuck.

We create interactive, scenario-based training that can take your software engagement and customer retention to a new level.

There are many good external solutions out there to help managers create helpful walkthroughs and well-placed info hotspots to embed within their team’s software training experience.

However, as a software company, you don’t want the success of your product to be dictated by how well 3rd party apps and their users perform. software adoption

We can work with you to identify the most likely usage scenarios and patterns, creating in-product training for the working context of your ideal customers.

And we can do this for even the most complex of systems and user needs.croda software

For example, when Lloyds Bank acquired HBOS in Europe’s largest ever finance merger, they brought us in to create training simulations to support users of the new, unified customer service software. Training thousands of staff, at speed, to help support over 25 million customers without disruption was high pressure indeed – not a problem though…


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“Training all the [Lloyds Banking Group] staff to use these systems and new processes – and to do it without interrupting service to customers – represents an enormous success.”





Its a financial world

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Turn your sign-ups from a maybe to a definitely

Great software training built in to the product is a key trust signal at an early touch point with a new user, and gives important reassurance about future experience with your product, support and brand as a whole.

Get in touch to discuss how can help you create software onboarding solutions that could help you drive engagement, adoption and user retention for your product.

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Scenario-based learning for contact centres

When TSB wanted to improve their contact centre training, they brought in the Day One team to create true to life elearning scenarios with eRoleplay.

Lloyds Retail Case Study


Complaints handling with eRoleplay

Contact centre staff need to demonstrate a range of knowledge and skills to give customers a positive experience: effective listening; a high level of subject matter expertise; empathy; and a fast resolution of the issue.

TSB is Britain’s most recommended high street bank, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as being committed to providing products and services of the highest standards, TSB takes extra good care of its customers and takes all complaints VERY seriously.

Comprehensive complaints handling training for TSB’s contact centre staff was essential to ensure that any grumbles were resolved quickly and quietly.


The challenge

TSB wanted a new resolving customer complaints course for its contact centre staff. It needed to include both soft skills (eg “listening to the customer”) and product/system knowledge (eg “logging the complaint correctly”).

They also wanted their contact centre staff to appreciate what it felt like to be the disgruntled person on the other end of the line, so that staff could empathise with the customer and ultimately improve the way that they handled calls.

With those requirements in mind, roleplay seemed like the most effective solution. But everyone hates roleplay, right? Our challenge was to develop an e-learning roleplay solution that wouldn’t strike dread into the hearts of our learners.

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Peer to peer learning for bankingFinancial services complaint handling with elearning

The Can Do

What we came up with was a unique eroleplay system where learners play as either the advisor or the customer, enabling them to see both sides of the interaction.

To begin, trainees choose an avatar and enter a virtual lobby. Here they are paired randomly with another learner on their course; the two are then connected over the phone, and the call commences.

The learner playing the advisor practices their customer service skills by talking with the “customer” while investigating and resolving their enquiry. The learner playing the caller gains a valuable insight into the customer complaint experience.

To give the training as much realism as possible, we created a mirror-image of TSB’s complaint handling software and simulations of other systems they would need to reference to resolve the complaint. We also used our Dynamic Data™ to generate realistic examples of when, why and how customers complain, creating a true-to-life experience for our learners.

The best part for the learner is that nobody is watching them, which we can probably all agree is far less embarrassing and takes the awkwardness out of roleplay.


The outcome

TSB loves the ‘learning by doing’ method of training, so our eroleplay solution was right up their street. By giving employees a realistic opportunity to verbalise, listen, empathise, influence and reflect, TSB has significantly improved the quality of its complaint resolution service for even more happy customers.



Here are some of the nice things they said about us.

“It shows you the different sort of people you’ll encounter and how you’d react to different sort of people.”

“It lets you use the systems as the same time as talking to people.”

“I felt like it was pulling together everything we’ve learnt so far.”

“I felt I was really getting into the flow of the conversation.”

“It let me get used to the unknown.”

“Well I feel like I can actually do it now!”





Sunderland / November 2016

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Help with contact centre e-learning? Can Do

Whatever your training requirements, the Day One can deliver on them with a bespoke solution.

Want to learn more? Contact us for an informal discussion about your needs.


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Software training case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for software training:

NBS Case Study Content

Seamless training for collaborative building software

Construction specification is a complicated business. There are hundreds of plans, processes and products that need to be defined during a building project, and it involves input from architects, engineers, consultants and many others in the supply chain. NBS Chorus is a collaborative software platform that brings all this together. It enables specifications to be created to UK, Canadian and Australian industry standards online, from any device by all members of the project team.

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Coop Case Study Content

Co-op branch training

Co-op needed help in modernising legacy training systems, making them more ‘true-to-life’ in line with their account opening process.

We created a solution that mirrors all aspects of the Co-op systems. Using multiple modes of delivery, the new elearning environment provides instant, informative feedback and gradually builds up the confidence of their staff during the induction and training process.

The client was amazed by how we had replicated their real-life working environment and engaged their learners.

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