Systems Training with Bespoke eLearning

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Systems Training with Bespoke eLearning

Day One have created bespoke systems training for some of the best-known brands in the UK and Europe. We create interactive elearning and system simulations that help their staff develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to excel in their roles.


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Interactive learning for systems training

Both technical and non-technical teams need to use online and / or desktop software, often needing to switch between multiple programmes under pressure.

Many of our clients have also needed to provide systems training to staff working in complex, highly regulated industries.

For over two decades, we’ve combined an understanding of learning psychology with the latest and best in elearning technologies to create systems training that’s enjoyable to use, as well as effective.

We create truly interactive learning that combines knowledge development with practice exercises, true to life scenarios and assessments that work for different types of learners, and that prepares them for the live working environment.
As well as making onboarding and skills development faster and more efficient, good systems improves staff engagement and confidence, which can help companies to retain their best staff.
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We’re also seeing a growing demand from software companies who want to improve their in-product training to enhance sales, user skills and retention.

There is generally a void between basic user guides and intro videos, and a full-blown sandbox environment. We can fill that with dynamic, interactive systems training.

When creating systems training using scenarios and simulations, our goal is always to deliver an immersive learning experience that makes the learner feel like they are using the real thing.

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Case Study

Alternatively, read a case study to see how we’ve made learning more effective:

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Systems training case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for systems training:

Lloyds Business Banking Section

Lloyds Case Study Content

Lloyds bank and HBOS

When Lloyds acquired Halifax / Bank of Scotland, they brought in the Day One Team to create system simulations to help train 8,000 call centre staff – quickly.

Read more about this safe training environment.

NBS case study Section

NBS Case Study Content

Seamless training for collaborative building software

Construction specification is a complicated business. There are hundreds of plans, processes and products that need to be defined during a building project, and it involves input from architects, engineers, consultants and many others in the supply chain. NBS Chorus is a collaborative software platform that brings all this together. It enables specifications to be created to UK, Canadian and Australian industry standards online, from any device by all members of the project team.

Read more about this solution.


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“Training all the [Lloyds Banking Group] staff to use these systems and new processes – and to do it without interrupting service to customers – represents an enormous success.”





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Dynamic, engaging systems training? Can Do

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