Top UK Fintech Companies

Having worked with a number of leading financial services providers, such as Lloyds, Co-op Bank, Halifax and TSB to create system simulations and elearning, we’ve become aware of many of the top UK Fintech companies. We also understand much about the environment in which they work in 2018.

Due to the fast-changing nature of consumer behaviour, cyber security threats, government and industry regulation, and the technologies available, Fintech is one of the most dynamic, and therefore exciting, areas of technology. Here are some of the leading companies to watch…


Atom Bank

Atom Bank for mobile-only banking

Based in Durham, Atom Bank is first bank in the UK to run entirely run via a mobile app. In 2015, it became the first mobile-only bank to be licensed by the Bank of England. Atom now has over 100 current employees and was valued at £150 million before it launched.

As you can imagine from a bank largely powered by mobile phones, cyber security is fundamental to Atom, and it is leading the way in terms of biometric security adoption, including face and voice recognition, for the finance sector.


Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows Fintech startup

A Fintech startup established in 2011, Digital Shadows is a ‘cyber situational awareness platform’ in the field of IT security. The scalable platform provides in-depth data analysis to help organisations protect themselves against cyber threats and intellectual property losses. This also helps to protect brands and their reputations from issues related to cyber security breaches.

Digital Shadows has dual headquarters in London and San Francisco. In 2018, Forrester named the company as a Leader in Digital Risk Protection.


Funding Circle

Funding Circle small business loans

Funding Circle is a lending platform for small businesses. It currently focuses on those that operate in the UK, Continental Europe and the USA. The company was founded in 2010, and by mid-2018, it had facilitated £3.8 billion of lending to 39,000 UK businesses.

Funding Circle works to speed up and streamline the borrowing process to help businesses expand, hire staff and boost their cash flow, with unsecured loans of £5k to £500k.



TransferWise for global money transfers

A cross-borders payment service, TransferWise helps was set up to provide lower cost solutions for customers to perform money transfers around the world than offered by the large, established banks.

Founded in 2011, this fintech company in London now enables £500 million of global money transfers each month.



Bud financial services platform

Another financial services platform, Bud was only established in July 2015, but has already won several banking and fintech awards. Accessed via either the website or a mobile app, Bud offers technology to link financial service providers with consumers find and sign up to the best finance solutions for their needs.

By October 2017, Bud had formed partnerships with and investments from global bank HSBC, investment bank Investec, and Sabadell Bank from Spain.



Onfido AI for background checks

Onfido is a software company that uses artificial intelligence to run background checks for businesses. Their technology uses combinations of photo-based identity documents and customer ‘selfies’ alongside their AI algorithms. Headquartered in London.

Onfido has completed over 10 million background checks since 2012, for over 1,000 business customers.



Blockchain cryptocurrency technologies

Based in London, Blockchain was founded as a company in 2011 and is now a fundamental part of the Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency revolution. Blockchain as a concept and technology was invented in 2008 to provide digital wallets to help people buy and sell the new currencies. The company of the same name now also builds software to help businesses to accept them. Blockchain backers include Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson.

By mid 2018, Blockchain was catering for over 27 million wallets and had powered over $200 Billion of transactions.


These are just some of the tech providers we see as the top UK fintech companies in 2018, and we’ll continue to update this list.

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