TSB Telephony Revamp

So you develop your system sims and they’re great and everybody loves how easy it now all seems (compared to before when process-training was dull and unpopular), but time moves on and all the inevitable changes happen and now your shiny-new elearning content is out-of-date, some would say not fit-for-purpose. Sound familiar?

At Day One we know that to be most effective, simulations and scenarios need to be highly realistic and contextualised. If they’re out-of-date they just don’t work as well; learners lose confidence and trainers lose patience trying to explain which bits aren’t right.

So we create all our material to be really easy to update, and we let our customers have editing rights. This means you can minimise the impact of new software updates and changes in procedure.

In 2016 TSB asked Day One to update their whole suite of Telephony content to reflect a new round of updates and a significant software addition to many of the processes. Instead of having to start again and develop new content we amended and brought back into play 200 scenarios over a 3 month period at a significantly reduced budget compared to any other method. These courses are now receiving heavy use as TSB ramp up their Induction activity toward the year end.