Risk Management Training Simulations

Logistics risk management training simulations for World Flight Services.
Learning by doing to improve safety for workers in the aviation sector.

Logistics Scenarios & Software Simulation

World Flight Services (WFS) is a global leader in the field of air cargo logistics. They transport, handle and warehouse air freight in over 160 locations across 18 countries and 5 continents.

Of course, international aviation and cargo transfer is an extremely fast-paced and potentially dangerous working environment. They wanted to develop a more transparent and ‘just’ operational culture when it comes to managing risks.

As well as improving training processes, they were bringing in new risk management software and wanted to maximise user adoption and employee engagement with it.

So they brought in the Day One team to help.

Key features

Real life scenarios


3D environments

The challenge

Loading and unloading cargo on large international flights has many hazards, but the real-life risks are not something you want to replicate for training scenarios. Therefore, WFS wanted to create operational risk training simulations that were as true-to-life as possible in an eLearning environment.

There was also the challenge of recruiting and training in the post-Covid aviation era, and all the health and safety implications that came with that, while getting new hires up to speed as quickly as possible. So an efficient, immersive training solution was important to them, without compromising in any way on learning outcomes in terms of knowledge retention and skill development.

Why WFS chose Day One

WFS appreciated our approach to changing the focus from dry, information-heavy resources to being a first-person walkthrough an airport environment with all its associated hazards and risks.

We were able to demonstrate that with a media-rich, interactive course, H&S and Compliance training doesn’t have to be boring!

Learning by Doing

We first visited WFS at one of their sites to take photos and understand how they work. We then designed a 3D working environment, warts and all, that represented a typical airport cargo warehouse and loading ramp. Our team developed a 1-hour elearning course comprising realistic airport and warehousing logistics scenarios.

Immersive learning

We wanted WFS learners to feel that the elearning design really ‘spoke’ to them as adopters of the new software system, and really addressed their needs. So we created a realistic simulation of their software system so that they could practise in a safe environment.

Custom 3D environment

Instead of learning dry theory and the risk assessment process, WFS operatives can now ‘risk assess’ 3D airport scenes, and enter their findings on a true-to-life version of their software.


They wanted a self-paced eLearning solution so that employees could complete training modules at a time and place that suited their schedules and learning preferences.

The client verdict

WFS have been delighted with the results so far and are now looking to work with us at Day One on elearning solutions for organisational culture improvement.

“We have been thrilled with the quality of the work that Day One has provided in support of our new Risk Assessment Process that we are about to rollout world-wide. They have employed a wide variety of media and techniques including 3D environments, animations, system simulations and more that has resulted in a slick, high-quality, relevant learning experience.
We have been so pleased that we are now contracting with them again to create another elearning course – this time in Corporate Cultural Change.”

Peter Hunt | Global HSSE Systems Manager
WFS Global

Want to make training more engaging through interactive scenarios and Learning By Doing?

Whatever your elearning content or learning platform needs, the Day One team can deliver on them with a bespoke solution.

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