Simulation Based Training

Using simulation based training can create a true to life, immersive learning experience, and this kind of practice is shown to be far more effective for knowledge and skills development than lectures, reading or consuming audiovisual content. Read about how simulation training from Day One can help engage your learners and deliver outstanding, fast results.

If it looks like a lion, walks like a lion and roars like a lion…then it may be a lion simulator! Many of the clients we work with on simulation based training have one or more unique desktop systems that they need staff to be whizzes at using. But ‘learning by doing’ isn’t always possible on the real thing.

Day One can create simulated systems, which are designed to closely match the look, feel and functionality of any programme, so trainees learn their trade on an elearning module which is as true to life as it gets. We can introduce realistic scenarios to work on and use our Dynamic Data™ system to provide randomly generated ‘customer’ details to work with.

Our own development environment Genesys allows us to create elearning simulations that mimic any system, transition between systems and even navigate through the desktop for blow-your-mind realism. And because it’s all compatible with your learning development system, every element of a trainee’s performance on the simulated system can be tracked and scored.



Comsplay* is a unique offer to Day One Technologies, which provides customer service trainees with the most realistic experience of interacting with a customer. We don’t like to call it roleplay, because everyone hates roleplay and what we have come up with is way cooler than that.

Using our specially developed pairing technology we can link two delegates by desktop and phone so they can work together in an interactive session where one practices being the advisor and the other gets a chance to put themselves in the customer’s shoes.

The result is the most realistic experience of handling a customer call, giving the trainee the opportunity to practice their customer service skills, work through some common scenarios and all while using a simulated system which mirrors how they would process the customer’s enquiry in the real world.

For the ‘customer’ in the Comsplay it’s a great opportunity to see how it feels to be on the other end of the call, and how the way the call is handled can make all the difference to the customer’s experience of the company.

* it’s not quite Cosplay as there’s no dressing up involved, and it’s done over the phone so we call it Comsplay. Get it? Yes? OK then…

Dynamic Data™

Dynamic Data™

What is Dynamic Data™ we hear you ask? Well, Dynamic Data™ should probably be called “Day One’s Exceptionally Excellent Database of Endless Customer Training Scenarios” because it’s a special programme written by Day One which allows our elearning simulations to be populated with millions of ever-changing customer details and scenarios.

It effectively mirrors the real world, where every customer is unique and requires a tailored solution to their problem. This ensures trainees never get the same training scenario twice and it also improves their ability to think on their feet!

To make the scenarios unbelievably accurate, Day One’s developers spend lots of time stalking/getting to know our clients, their products and getting an in-depth knowledge of their processes and the way different issues are resolved. By ensuring what information goes into the database is spot on, we know that all the customer scenarios our Dynamic Data™ produces could actually happen for real. And it’s all SCORM compliant too.