eLearning for Compliance Training

Day One have helped many companies and organisations with elearning for compliance training,
making content quick and easy to update, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Industry & legal compliance

Along with onboarding and giving staff the knowledge they need to fulfil their roles, regulatory compliance is the primary driver for training.

To engage your teams in the content so that that they work through it, it’s important to make your training materials as interesting and easy to use as possible. It’s also essential for L&D or HR teams to be able to track learner progress and course completion.

how roleplay works infographic
Our compliance elearning solutions enable you to quickly and easily create and update content, roll it out to learners wherever they are based, and have access to live analytics. This enables L&D managers to identify individuals or groups who may need additional support, and to identify and improve any weaker aspects of the content.
Hazmat compliance training for Amazon

Saving time & money

When it comes to delivery of compliance training, L&D and Finance departments want to get it done as quickly as possible (while being diligent and effective), so that staff can move on to being productive and / or to training that will improve performance.

Whatever your learning platform needs, Day One LMS solutions can deliver on them using the core functionality or with a bespoke system through our modular approach.

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Industry recognition

We recently won a place on Training Industry’s ‘Watchlist’ of leading global Health & Safety / Compliance training providers:

Health and safety / compliance award 2020 from Training Industry

The companies selected for the 2020 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Watch List are unique and emerging organizations offering in-depth content on health and safety and compliance courses
Danielle Draewell, Market Research Analyst
Training Industry, Inc.

Compliance case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for compliance training:

The client verdict

I have received excellent feedback from the trainers, recently giving ‘Day One’ a Net Promoter Score of 96 for ease of use which only serves to highlight how integral ‘Day One’ has been to the success of the programme.

Head of Learning / Customers / Brands / Digital and Telephone Banking / Lloyds Banking Group

Compliance training that isn’t boring? Can Do

You don’t want your teams to associate training at your company with being bored, just because the compliance learning came first.

We’ve made engaging, bespoke compliance elearning for a range of industries, helping L&D departments to get the job done, while building a long-term culture of learning within the organisation.

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