eLearning Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it – you can read through these elearning case studies to see how our range of online learning content, LMS, simulation and scenario-based training solutions have helped our customers tackle their HR and L&D challenges.

They illustrate some key issues our customers have been able to measure, manage and improve in today’s Learning and Development landscape.

Mortgage Training with Bite-Size Learning

TSB Mortgages

Stricter legislation and industry guidelines had added complexity to an already lengthy training process for mortgage sales – there can be over 300 steps in a standard mortgage application.

We worked with TSB to create a bite-size learning process for their mortgage sales training. Our system simulations and blended learning solution made training more engaging for staff, while ensuring both better outcomes and industry / legal compliance.

A great success – it was rolled out across their entire network of over 570 banks in the UK.

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LMS for Hair Styling Brand - ghd

An LMS to Make Learning Fun

ghd wanted a new LMS and elearning solution to train sales staff on the science and technology behind each of its products. They wanted the training to be fun and engaging – in line with their innovative brand.

We developed a bespoke learning management system that provides ghd trainees with engaging, multimedia content such as video, photos, animation and music. Being able to share scores and comment on progress via Facebook added more fun and a little healthy competition.

ghd’s HR team were delighted with the results and plan to use the LMS for sales, merchandising and induction training, with potential for extending it to further roles across the company.

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Bespoke Training for Customer-Facing & Contact Centre Staff

Co-op Branch Training

Co-op needed help in modernising legacy training systems, making them more ‘true-to-life’ in line with their account opening process.

We created a solution that mirrors all aspects of the Co-op systems. Using multiple modes of delivery, the new elearning environment provides instant, informative feedback and gradually builds up the confidence of their staff during the induction and training process.

The client was amazed by how we had replicated their real-life working environment and engaged their learners.

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The Internet Society - International eLearning Project

ISOC Wireless for Communities

Non-profit organisation The Internet Society (ISOC) partnered with the International Electronics Standards Organisation (IEEE), in a humanitarian project providing elearning to help rural communities in Africa and India set-up and operate wireless internet.

Our instructional designers used open source material to create easy to use elearning for local trainers.

The project was such a success that ISOC commissioned us to create further versions of the elearning in French, Spanish and Russian.

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Simulation Based Training for the Largest UK Retail Bank

HBOS and Lloyds Integration

When LloydsTSB acquired Halifax and Bank of Scotland in the largest merger in European banking history, it became the biggest retail bank in the UK. While promising huge cost savings across the new organisation, it raised many issues for the L&D team – especially in quickly training 8,000 HBOS telephony staff in the new Lloyds software.

We created a simulation-based training solution that enabled 500 delegates per day to learn and practice using the new software, while still doing their day jobs.

Helping so many staff to be trained in new systems quickly, and without disruption to customers, was lauded as “an enormous success” by both the client and industry analysts.

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Training in Resolving Customer Complaints

TSB Complaints and Charges

As Britain’s most recommended bank, TSB take handling complaints very seriously, so they asked us to create a course in those skills to help their contact centre staff maintain the highest standards.

Using our unique ‘e-roleplay’ system, we mirrored TSB’s complaints handling software and created elearning content based on true-to-life scenarios based on when, where and how customers might complain.

Learners enjoyed the training, while TSB found the quality of their complaint resolution service significantly improved.

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White Label eLearning for an Online Training Company

White Label eLearning for a Training Provider

We were approached by a leading online training provider who needed a white label elearning service, delivering bite-size online course modules under their brand.

We assembled a team of 17 expert software developers and elearning specialists for this project – delivering technical training to non-English speaking learners, many of whom had limited literacy skills. This was a multilingual elearning project, and audio-narration was created to deliver instruction in the trainees’ mother tongue.

This multilingual, interactive elearning was a huge success, demonstrated by the fact that the client re-engaged us to multiple further projects – a total of 10 in just a year!

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Faster Inductions and Excellent ROI for Lloyds Business

Lloyds Business Banking

We were approached by Lloyds Business Banking to create a simulated training environment to mimic their Retail Telephony systems. In addition to this safe training environment for highly complex procedures, we created equally realistic elearning content.

In analysing their ROI statistics from the project, Lloyds found a complete return on investment within 3 months of delivery.

Specific measurables that improved include post-call workload reducing from 2 minutes to 45 seconds and induction attrition dropping from 20% to just 5%.

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Telephony Training Revamp for TSB

TSB Telephony Revamp

After renewing their telephony systems, TSB found that their training content was no longer fit for purpose. They called on us to provide a modern, realistic telephony training solution and we delivered a highly effective elearning system based on simulations and scenarios.

As well as creating up to date training content for their immediate needs, we made the content editable for their in-house teams.

This means that as their technology and processes get further updated, the training content can be easily updated as well – constantly evolving in line with their needs.

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