eLearning Consulting & Strategy

For over 20 years Day One have provided elearning consulting, strategy and implementation to some of the UK and Europe’s best-known organisations, developing training content and systems that deliver great learning outcomes.

Learning Psychology + Design & Tech Expertise

By combining backgrounds in learning psychology, elearning design and training technology, we’re able to roadmap solutions to meet your current and future needs, then develop the content and systems to make the process easy and seamless.

Here’s how our elearning consultancy and strategy development services work:

Training Needs Analysis

We work closely with your L&D team to understand your immediate training needs and likely longer term requirements. We start a future-proof plan that will stay relevant to the needs of your business and your sector.

We talk to your key stakeholders and analyse any relevant and available data from learners, learning platforms, and HR / other internal systems.

A key part of this stage is understanding your overall business goals and how they filter into your training goals.

L&D Audit

Assessment of your existing training content and systems, and looking for opportunities to keep what is working well or improve on what has potential but needs modernisation.

Minimising waste is always one of our key considerations, and we look to leverage what has already been working, to dovetail with new solutions.

Learning Strategy Development

With a clear understanding of your L&D goals, we articulate the potential barriers to reaching them, and the principles and tactics needed to overcome those barriers.

We define a learning strategy to reduce time to competency, maximise learner engagement, improve training outcomes and ensure the best possible ROI.

We roadmap the delivery of elearning and blended learning with timescales and milestones.

eLearning & Blended Learning Design

Depending on the preferences of your teams, locations and the nature of the content, we work with your managers and subject matter experts to curate, create and convert elearning or blended learning materials.

They could be designed for self-paced, remote learning, face to face in a classroom environment, as micro-learning modules made available at the point of need (‘Just in Time Learning’) or any combination of these.

Platform Strategy

A good learning platform will become the hub of L&D within your organisation. We’ll advise on the best approach and technology solutions, and can help you build a bespoke learning platform that both learners and L&D managers will enjoy.

Roll Out & Communication

When technology-related projects fail, it’s rarely down to a poor choice of solution – it’s usually due to a lack of buy-in beforehand, and poor communication on roll-out.

All stakeholders should feel like their wants and needs have been considered, and the reasons, benefits and timescales for change should all be clearly communicated.

We identify the best methods and people for implementation of any new solutions, as well as helping you to create useful supporting materials and processes where appropriate.

A new system should feel like a helpful tool from day one, rather than another item on the to-do list.

Learning Analytics & Impact Evaluation

We never just leave you with new content and systems, then wave bye-bye. Having established a clear set of goals, our job is to make sure that you have all your need to get there and that you are progressing well.

We’ll help you to access the ideal scope and depth of learner analytics and evaluate the success of any new elearning or blended learning programme.

eLearning & Blended Learning with Impact? Can Do

Could our elearning consulting, strategy and implementation help your organisation to make L&D more effective? Contact us at Day One Technologies for an initial chat about your needs.