Public Sector eLearning – Solutions for Government Agencies

Public Sector eLearning - Solutions for Government Agencies

Day One created public sector elearning solutions to assist government agencies with training for high-profile, high-impact projects.

eLearning for Government Agencies

Since 1997, the Day One team has created learning solutions for all training needs, across virtually every sector. This includes experience in creating elearning for government agencies that need to deliver the highest standards in training, while working within strict timescales and budgets.

We’ve created bespoke elearning content, system simulations, custom platforms, and complete learning ecosystems for several public sector organisations, including training for the NHS and military personnel.

Our experience

Military / Defence Training

Supporting British Army and Royal Navy personnel with:

  • Software and complex systems
  • Installation, management and maintenance of telecoms and other infrastructure in remote locations
  • Transport maintenance, including tanks, helicopters, and aeroplanes
  • Working within challenging terrain, such as desert and extreme heat
  • Management and leadership across diverse roles
  • helicopter

    Scottish Government - training for hospital trusts

    The Scottish Government (on behalf of NHS Scotland) commissioned eLearning from Day One to form a vital part of their Health and Social Care certification programme – ‘Whole System Patient Flow Improvement’.

    The project involved a complex stakeholder arrangement, with subject matter expertise supplied by US-based experts ‘Institute of Healthcare Optimization’.

    The overall goal is to deliver significant reductions in patient wait times.

    The client verdict

    “We are very, very pleased with what Day One delivered. They were attentive to client needs and views throughout which was especially challenging with a customer who had strong views on how to deliver the material.”

    Programme Director, Whole System Patient Flow Improvement Programme, Health and Social Care Directorate, Scottish Government

    Content Development

    Learning Platforms

    System Simulations

    eLearning Consultant Profile: Elaine

    eLearning Solutions Director, Elaine Teal
    Elaine Teal
    eLearning Solutions Director

    Our eLearning Solutions Director, Elaine Teal, understands how to create elearning that has a dramatic impact on learning outcomes.

    She has experience in advising on and leading elearning projects for a range of public sector organisations, working closely with L&D teams to understand their needs and goals, and develop state of the art solutions to meet them.

    Elaine’s background in Educational Psychology combined with a career designing and developing online learning puts her in an unrivalled position to understand what really works for learners, and how to achieve it given the constraints of technology, time, budget and culture.

    Relevant case study: NHS eLearning

    The Scottish Government asked us to develop several hours of elearning as part of a drive to improve patient flow within NHS hospitals.

    The training is now delivered as part of a 3-level certification programme for NHS Scotland hospital trusts.

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