Finance eLearning

Finance eLearning

Day One is a leading provider of finance elearning solutions, having created online learning content, simulation-based training and more for some of Europe’s largest financial services companies.

Financial services training at speed & scale

As one of the world’s most highly-regulated industries, financial services training is continuous, usually complex, and often required at speed.

eLearning is an ideal mode of training delivery for financial services providers, because it is relatively quick and cost-effective to create, update and rollout at scale to a disparate and time-pressured workforce.

Our financial services training solutions:

  • Bespoke elearning with engaging, multimedia content to enhance your Performance & Quality programmes
  • Scenario based training using ‘eRoleplay’ – peer to peer, social learning
  • Modular LMS with functionalities and access levels tailored to each user group
  • Desktop system simulations, creating true to life learning environments for branch, office or call centre staff
  • Mobile accessibility – our solutions can be made accessible from any device where appropriate, enabling anytime, anywhere learning.

Here at Day One, we’re highly experienced in the working environments of finance companies, including those of their front line customer service and call centre teams.

We have created elearning content, scenario based training, and system simulations for staff that need to manage multiple systems at the same time – situations that are virtually unique to the finance industry.

Retail banking training
Personal banker training simulations

We’ve helped banks, insurance providers, pensions & savings companies, mortgage lenders and other types of financial service organisation to improve: Inductions & Onboarding, Finance Product Knowledge Training, Telephone Banking, Customer Service, IT System Rollouts, Data Protection & Records Management, Learning Strategy and more.

We’ve created highly effective elearning solutions that have been rolled out to thousands of staff simultaneously across hundreds of branches offices and call centres.

Our focus is always on delivering projects on-time, on-spec and on-budget and we’ve made life easier for our clients in highly time-pressured, commercially sensitive environments.

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Financial services case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for financial services companies:

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