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From employee onboarding and compliance training, to skills development and behavioural change, to developing your current and future leaders – we build elearning for better business.

Bespoke elearning for better training at every level

For over 20 years, we’ve created great elearning for clients across various sectors, including Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Construction, Call Centres, Government and more – for every training need:

Selected training needs:

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Leadership & Mgmt

Leadership & Mgtmt

Investing in your leaders and managers can have a dramatic effective on results throughout your organisation, as knowledge and cultural change will filter through to all staff.

We’ve created elearning for leadership and management training at some of the UK and Europe’s best-known brands.

Staff onboarding

Staff onboarding

Staff induction training does not only equip new recruits with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their roles correctly. Good employment onboarding and demonstrating that career development is facilitated by elearning has been shown to increase staff retention.

Anytime, anywhere learning with elearning can reduce time to competency and enable learning at convenient downtimes or even outside working hours to reduce disruption.

Compliance training

Compliance eLearning

Along with onboarding and giving staff the knowledge they need to fulfil their roles, regulatory compliance is the primary driver for training.

To engage your teams in the content so that that they work through it, it’s important to make your training materials as interesting and easy to use as possible. It’s also essential for L&D or HR teams to be able to track learner progress and course completion.

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Health & safety

Health & safety training

While health and safety training is often seen as a tick-box exercise for many (especially office-based) roles, making it as relevant as possible to the learner will increase engagement and help to ensure it gets done.

For those in higher-risk roles, like industrial professions, health and safety training is invaluable for employee welfare. eLearning can help to ensure compliance and tracking of completion, while making the learning more convenient for your teams.

Product knowledge

Product knowledge

Frontline staff need extensive product knowledge to deliver on customer needs and expectations.

If you need to train an external network of channel sales partners, distributors or customers, we can also create an ‘extended enterprise’ solution that gives them the knowledge and skills they need to promote or use your solutions, and that keeps them up to date.

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Software & systems

Systems training

Both technical and non-technical teams need to use online and / or desktop software, often needing to switch between multiple programmes under pressure. Many of our clients have also needed to provide systems training to staff working in complex, highly regulated industries.

We create truly interactive learning that combines knowledge development with practice exercises, true to life scenarios and assessments that work for different types of learners, and that prepares them for the live working environment.

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International teams

International workforces

Online training is usually the most efficient and flexible way to make learning materials available where and when they are needed across a disparate workforce, and to ensure that they are kept up to date with the minimum of hassle.

In creating elearning for international businesses and not-for-profits, including multilingual content and white label solutions for training providers, we’ve developed expertise in managing the complexities involved in global projects.

Behaviour / culture

Behavioural skills & culture change

As well as imparting knowledge and helping to develop ‘hard’ skills, elearning can be highly effective for influencing behaviours and culture change across an organisation.

We can help HR and L&D teams to make elearning a powerful tool for long-term shifts or specific, time-sensitive change management projects.

Whatever your training requirements – from Employee Onboarding / Inductions and Compliance, to soft skills like Sales & Customer Service or Leadership & Management, we can develop highly effective, bespoke elearning solutions that bring tangible business benefits. Why not contact us for an informal chat about how we could help you meet your training needs and make learning more engaging?