Pharmaceutical eLearning

Day One develop bespoke pharmaceutical elearning that engages learners and drives long term skills development. Our interactive training solutions have improved learning outcomes for some of the world’s best-known pharma companies.

Learning By Doing for the pharma sector

The pharmaceutical industry is of course one of the most high-consequence and highly-regulated. 

We create pharma training solutions that keep employees and external partners up to speed with the latest company processes, industry legislation, and fast-changing product ranges.



Forget static training content – we create dynamic, interactive elearning that engages learners, increases knowledge retention and accelerates skill development. 

Learning By Doing is what makes the difference. 

Linde healthcare solutions

Our pharmaceutical elearning solutions:

  • Bespoke elearning solutions with engaging, multimedia content to enhance your L&D programmes
  • Scenario based training using elearning branching scenarios for personalised learning experiences 
  • Modular LMS with functionalities and access levels tailored to each user group
  • Desktop system simulations, creating true-to-life learning environments for software onboarding and skills development 
  • Mobile learning – pharma training content accessible from any device – enabling anytime, anywhere learning.

Bespoke learning content

Our bespoke learning content for pharma companies has helped them to: 

  • Deliver global sales operations
  • Streamline the process of retention and certification
  • Attract and retain a skilled workforce
  • Ensure training materials are consistently updated
  • Simplify the process of auditing and record management
  • and much more.
Pharma software simulation training

System Simulations

Here at Day One, we’re experienced in the complex working environments of pharmaceutical companies, including those requiring employee onboarding and skill development involving multiple software systems.

We have created elearning content, scenario based training, and system simulations for staff that need to gain proficiency and stay up to date with dynamic in-house and proprietary software. 

Dynamic training for a competitive market

In a highly competitive market, it’s crucial to invest in efficient training for various personnel, including researchers, sales and product representatives, technicians, and support staff. 

Given the global nature of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s important to effectively train employees from diverse backgrounds, who may be located in different countries, speak various languages, and adhere to distinct medical practices. 

Our interactive elearning content and custom platforms provide a unique combination of flexibility, efficient reporting capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

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Pharmaceutical case studies

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for pharmaceutical companies:

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