eLearning for Sales / Customer Service

Over the years we have found that our elearning for sales and customer service roles has made a dramatic difference to clients’ training outcomes.

Training Solutions for Client-Facing Roles

Whether it be onboarding and inductions, product knowledge development, staying on the right side of compliance, or building a rapport with your customer; we have experience of driving learner engagement in the high-pressure world of sales and customer service training.

One of the ways in which we bring engagement to sales and customer service elearning is by simulating retail, problem-solving or consultation scenarios, which can be brought-to-life with the addition of ‘Dynamic Data’. These can then be used with a fellow trainee or trainer to practise advisor-customer situations. The Dynamic Data generates a fresh script every time detailing the needs of an imaginary customer, and this content is either printed out onto a hard copy or displayed on a PC/phone screen.

Trainees then work through their response to the Virtual Customer’s enquiry. The software can generate millions of different customers and scripts, so learners are always challenged to solve a new problem or customer service scenario.

Day One can also simulate the production of documents for very specific skills development purposes, such as those used for mortgage sales training.

We’ve had great reactions to the elearning world-wide . . . and we can’t wait to grow our online offering to include merchandising, sales and induction.

— Claire Lowrie, People Development Manager, ghd Hair

Help with Sales & Customer Service eLearning? Can Do

Why not contact us for an informal chat about how we could help you meet your needs? We can create sales and customer service training content, as well as elearning platforms, to make learning more engaging.