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Over the years, we have found that our suite of elearning tools and programmes are really popular for call centre staff training and also for customer-service training.

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Call Centre Training

Call Centre Training

Call centre training can be a bit of a problem child for trainers, so Day One’s effective training tools can help them to improve the learning programmes they deliver to up-skill contact centre staff or train newbies.

Most of our elearning packages are based on the idea of offering training that more closely mirrors the tasks customer service staff perform in the real world. This includes our Comsplay paired learning, which is perfect for call centre training. With Comsplay, we can put trainees into an ultra-realistic advisor/customer situation, to practice a range of scenarios; from bread and butter tasks to more complex and problematic ones. These scenarios are all tailored to the commercial needs of the client’s business to ensure staff are as prepared for their job as they can be.

Trainers can even jump into Comsplay mode to pose as virtual customers and assess staff directly.

Case study: See how our system simulations for Lloyds Bank / HBOS enabled fast and effective training in new call centre and customer services processes following their merger.

Sales and customer-service training

Sales and customer-service training

As well as super techie elearning packages, Day One also has a suite of tools which lends itself really well to face-to-face sales and customer service training.

One of our tools is the simulation of tasks with Virtual Customer, which can be used with a fellow trainee or trainer to practice advisor-customer situations. The Virtual Customer generates a fresh script every time detailing the needs of an imaginary customer, and this information is either printed out onto a hard copy or displayed on a PC/phone screen. Trainees then work through their response to the Virtual Customer’s enquiry. The software can generate millions of different customers and scripts, so learners are always challenged to solve a new problem or scenario.

Day One can also simulate the production of documents for training purposes, such as those used for mortgage interview training.