Contact Centre Training Solutions

Contact centre training can be a bit of a problem child for L&D managers. Day One’s elearning solutions for
call centres help them to improve the learning programmes they deliver to up-skill existing staff or train newbies.

eLearning for call centres

Delivery of contact centre training brings a unique set of challenges because it involves both technical and soft skills development. Traditionally, contact centres have relatively high staff turnover, so time to competency is critical, while still ensuring that these front-line personnel offer excellent knowledge, speed and customer service.

Our call centre elearning solutions have been developed to deliver across key aspects of a successful call:

  • Quick resolution to the query
  • Good personal interaction
  • Treating the customer with respect
  • Timely access to the right information

These have been shown to be the most important factors for customer satisfaction* that can be influenced by a call handler.

* Research by Talkdesk, San Fransisco

Call centre elearning that works

Most of our elearning packages are based on the idea of offering training that more closely mirrors the tasks customer service staff perform in the real world.

This includes our eRoleplay paired learning, which is perfect for call centre training. With eRoleplay, we can put trainees into an ultra-realistic advisor/customer situation, to practice a range of scenarios; from bread and butter tasks to more complex and problematic ones.

These scenarios are all tailored to the commercial needs of the client’s business to ensure staff are as prepared for their job as they can be.

Trainers can even jump into an eRoleplay to pose as virtual customers and assess staff directly.

Relevant case study

Examples of our work creating dynamic, bespoke elearning for call centre training:

Relevant case study: Lloyds Bank and HBOS

We were approached by Lloyds Business Banking to create a simulated training environment to mimic their Retail Telephony systems. In addition to this safe training environment for highly complex procedures, we created equally realistic elearning content.

We helped Lloyds Business to improve their induction training, and our elearning strategy and solutions enabled them to achieve a complete ROI within 3 months:

  • Induction attrition dropped from 20% to 5%
  • Call maturity (ability to answer a query in one go) for new advisors rose from 62% to 86%
  • The average after-call work time dropped from 2 minutes down to 45 seconds
  • Trainees who practised using Day One were measured as more confident and competent than those who hadn’t

Help with call centre training?

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