Third Sector Training – eLearning for Charities & Nonprofits

Third Sector Training - eLearning for Charities & Nonprofits

Our third sector training solutions create cost-effective elearning for charities and nonprofits
who are under constant pressure to do more with less.

Third Sector eLearning & CPD

Third sector elearning solutions provide a cost-effective way of meeting your nonprofit or charity training needs.

Delivering on continuous professional development (CPD) requirements can be a huge challenge with strapped budgets.
For example, industry leaders recommend that voluntary sector staff should get 40 hours of professional development every year1.

Face-to-face training is an expensive and time-consuming business. Materials and facilities for classroom training are costly. Taking staff out of the office wastes time, and it’s difficult to keep training up to date when things change.

Our digital learning solutions can make your training content easy to update and available anytime, anywhere.

We create bespoke elearning courses designed to fit into your learners’ day-to-day jobs, and that will work on whatever devices they use. Updated materials can be rolled out at the click of a button to your entire workforce.

Effective training also has a positive impact on staff engagement and retention, which further reduces costs for your organisation.

Third sector training solutions for The Internet Society
eLearning for charities such as Mind

What we offer

Find out about the services we can offer for third sector training:

  • eLearning design and development: Instructionally sound, learner-focussed multimedia content
  • Multilingual training: We offer a range of services to support elearning translation and multilingual solutions
  • Outsourcing: If you’re looking to outsource your elearning development, our team of experts are available for hire
  • Behavioural skills: Engaging courses on leadership development, personal effectiveness, communication skills and more
  • Onboarding: Get your new staff up to speed with all areas of your organisation quickly and effectively
Online learning for a mental health charity

Our experience

The Day One team combines in-depth understanding of learning psychology, the latest and best in training technology, and excellence in elearning design and development to create effective elearning for charities and nonprofits.

Find out more our experience creating third sector training solutions:

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