Personal Banker Training Simulations for Co-op Bank

Like many organisations, The Co-operative Bank uses some legacy desktop systems, so they called on us to create personal banker training simulations that mirror the live working environment.

True-to-Life eLearning for Co-op Bank

We worked with Co-op to create elearning that helps their branch teams to become skilled and confident across multiple systems. The training was so realistic that some of their staff thought they were using the real thing…


In Short

Some of Co-op’s legacy desktop systems still operated on black and green screens – this includes the system used for opening current, credit card and loan accounts. This retro (the nice word to describe super-old!) system isn’t the most intuitive to use compared to today’s touchscreen or windows-based tech, but as an essential tool for setting up new products for Co-op banking customers, it is vital that staff can navigate it confidently and with ease.


The Challenge

Unable to let trainees loose on the real thing, the Co-op needed a bespoke personal banker training solution with simulations that would give branch and contact centre staff an experience to closely mirror how the account opening process worked in the real world. They approached Day One about creating an engaging, elearning module which would feel ‘true-to-life’ and better prepare staff for their role. But they also wanted a program which would compel their staff and keep them eager to learn, rather than sending them off on a daytime nap. Now, that’s our kind of challenge!

e-Roleplay scenariosPersonal banker training simulations

The Can Do

So we immediately set to work on the development of a training module to beat all training modules. It was designed to closely match the look, feel and functionality of the bank’s account opening programme – hot keys and all, no mouse allowed. What we came up with allows trainees to learn the account opening process as if they were using the real thing, plus we designed it to work with our (queue the techy part) Dynamic Data™ system to provide randomly generated ‘customer’ details to work with. It doesn’t get more ‘true-to-life’ than that.

We know that systems training often isn’t the most exciting thing, so the module was designed in an engaging format, which put the account opening programme into the context of how it would be used if out in the field – so instead of learning the process in isolation, trainees learn how to help Mrs Jones get a loan, or how to set up a new bank account for little Jimmy, using the system as a tool.

Topics are introduced gradually to help learners build up their confidence, and they can keep track of their progress with instant feedback.


The bit everyone cares about (the results)

We had fantastic feedback by the Co-op training team (phew!). This realistic introduction to the account opening system has helped their staff to feel more confident in their understanding of the process when back in the branch or contact centre, and they are better able to apply that knowledge to real customer interactions. The new training module has also helped to significantly reduce errors (always a bonus) and the need for additional training. And above all else, not one person on the training program fell asleep! Now that’s a job well done if we do say so ourselves.

The client verdict

“Our Personal Banker system is rather old and peculiar, so I was amazed that Day One was able to replicate its behaviour exactly. It is so true to life, that people think they are on the real system. It’s a much more effective training solution than the ‘clickable hotspots’ other suppliers had approached us with.”

Training Consultant / The Co-operative Bank


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