Mortgage Training for TSB

Day One produced an innovative learning package for Mortgage advisors using Simulation, Paired Customer-Advisor Roleplay scenarios and a fully immersive way to evaluate and sign off trainee mortgage advisors.

Self-paced immersive training and evaluation for improved efficiency

Mortgage products were a major slice of the banks income and training dated back several years. The processes were difficult, critical, and high value.

Their existing mortgage training involved the use of PowerPoints in face-to-face classroom environments, was staff intensive, and suffered from ‘information overload’ – a lot of which was out of date.

Mortgage processes are complicated, and involve many actors, credit check agencies, record agencies, and multiple personnel.

Key features




The challenge

The aim was to produce a suite of immersive training courses that allowed learners to practice and evaluate at their own pace.

They needed a system where call centre and branch staff could replicate the conversations they would have with customers taking out mortgages by practising their communication skills and also completing the mortgage application process at the same time.

There was a need to significantly improve the efficiency of the training process and save on resources.

Why TSB chose Day One

TSB needed a supplier with ‘outside the box’ creative thinking who could make their aim of an immersive learning experience into a reality.

They knew we had developed digital role-play for training colleagues at Lloyds Bank contact centres and were delighted that we could bring that experience to bear for them, and elevate it still further with the addition of live document creation.

Learning by Doing

We wanted the trainee mortgage advisors to be able to practice talking their customers through the complex mortgage process whilst simultaneously entering data and details into the Bank’s mortgage software. We created a properly immersive learning experience that the learners loved. Here’s how:


eRoleplay is where learners pair up to practise the 2 roles in the Mortgage Application process - advisor and customer. With the unique Day One functionality the 'advisor' gets the mortgage software to use and the 'customer' gets a set of details to use in the practise session.


For the final assessment an Instructor takes the role of the customer in order to evaluate the learner's performance in the roleplay. In this way the Instructor's appraisal of the learner's soft-skills can be recorded and combined with the hard data provided by the Learning Management System to provide an overall score.


So we already had realistic scenarios, ficticious bank and customer data, a simulated Mortgage Application system and a way of buddying-up learners. What else could we do to make the learning even more immersive? Well in the live Branch situation the Advisor prints out the customer's completed Mortgage Promise and, after checking it over with the customer, invites them to sign it. So that's what we did! In their final evaluation branch-based learners pressed the print button and got a hard copy of their completed documentation. How immersive is that!

The client verdict

“The difference between Day One training and the old training was like Night and Day”

“Day One have turned out to be a stakeholders utopia”

Donna Laird
Head of Training, TSB

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