Engaging eLearning Content Examples

We work hard to make training as easy to use and enjoyable as possible – boosting employee engagement and learning outcomes. Below are just a few engaging elearning content examples developed by the Day One Technologies team. 

Hover over an example below to see an overview of each project. 

Training for Line-Managers: Pregnancy at Work

An immersive learning experience for leading UK charity, Tommy’s. A bespoke content and platform guides learners through sensitive subjects. ‘Highly Commended’ at the Third Sector Awards. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training for Sport

Multimedia training developed alongside health experts, used by thousands of sports coaches and organisers. Celebrity video interviews, animated content, quizzes and more. 

Mental Health eLearning for Mind and Partners

Materials and activities to support coaches in understanding mental health and misconceptions, recognising barriers to participating in physical activity, and being confident in conversations about this sensitive subject.

Recruitment Diversity Training for Met Police

The Metropolitan Police in London have set ambitious targets for iincreasing representation from underrepresented communities. We created multimedia recruitment diversity training, comprising video, infographics, and interactive content.