LMS Consultancy & Support

At Day One, we can provide expert LMS consultancy and support services to ensure the delivery of your elearning is in line with your wider business and L&D goals.

Core LMS features and functions

Creating or choosing the best LMS is an important part of the process when it comes to developing and delivering elearning. What we care about at Day One is working closely with clients to make their training effective – on time and on budget.

Therefore, we are genuinely platform-agnostic – equally happy to work with your existing or preferred LMS if it can fulfil your needs, whether it is an open source solution like Moodle, proprietary software from a 3rd party supplier, or something you’ve developed in-house.

If you’re looking for a new learning management system, then of course feel free to learn about the Day One LMS, which starts with simplicity and builds up functionality using a modular approach depending on your needs.

But we’re not a tech company who have created an LMS and now need to sell it far and wide. Whatever your chosen learning platform, here’s how we can help you with expert LMS support and consultancy:

LMS Strategy

Discussion of your top-level L&D goals and what is needed from your LMS strategy to help deliver elearning to the right people, at the right time, with the right learner data and analytics available.

LMS Configuration & Support

Having gained an understanding of your needs, you might need some expert technical help to configure the platform to do the job. Maybe you’ve had an LMS administrator take care of this, but have lost key personnel, leaving a knowledge gap. We can step in to support your team – temporarily or permanently.

eLearning Content Development
You may have lots of existing training material but need it to work within your existing or future LMS. Maybe you need to create materials from scratch that should slot straight into the learning platform for anytime, anywhere accessibility. We can make sure your LMS and content play nicely together.

LMS Rollout

So you have a great learning management system with great content ready to go. Getting people to understand its role and benefits is often the biggest stumbling block in engaging learners – rather than any fault with what you’re delivering. We can help you to make elearning, painless, easy – and even fun.

We’ve helped various clients with one, some or all the above.

Could our LMS consultancy and support services help your team to create an elearning platform and content that meets your current and future training needs?