Day One LMS: Core Features & Functions

The Day One LMS starts with simplicity, and is designed to be a flexible backbone that can be easily adapted to a client’s unique requirements.

Easy to Use, Yet Powerful and Flexible

Here is an overview of the core LMS features and functions:

Content Compatibility

  • Allows loading and management of compatible 3rd party content
  • Compatible with SCORM 1.2, 2004 & AICC standards
  • Content assets can be mixed and matched
  • Supports all standard video, audio and streamed content

Deployment Options

  • Dedicated tailored SaaS portal hosted and managed by Day One
  • Installation on client intranet
  • Tailored skin and user experience
  • Multi-tenanting to allow different groups of user to experience a different skin/ user environment
  • Bespoke situations can be flexibly handled

Access Options

  • Registration based on an email or phone number
  • Pass through authentication
  • Various levels of security vetting
  • Seamless Course Linking – link straight to a course without seeing  the LMS at all
  • Bespoke access & security requirements can be handled

Browser Compatibility

  • Full compatibility with all modern browsers on all platforms
  • Includes mobile & tablet browsers
  • Limited compatibility with IE6-IE8 legacy browsers
  • No requirements for any sorts of plugin or customisation

User Experience

  • Avatar based personalisation for all users
  • Lobby area where people can see their peers
  • Leader boards to show relative peer performance

Content Management

  • Allows loading and deletion of content
  • Search and discovery of material
  • Restriction of content to certain groups/populations

Course Management

  • Create courses with mix and match of content
  • Assignment to specific groups/rooms with date windows
  • Ownership and control structures
  • Enable and restrict content features

User & Group Management

  • Create structures of groups and places to reflect the client business structure
  • Create groups on the fly for specific needs
  • Manage and control user profiles and membership of groups
  • Direct messaging

Notification and ‘Push’

  • LMS based notification system for signposting e.g. quick course resumption
  • Push out notification by email or text
  • Granular control of notifications (not all or nothing)

Management Information

  • Full trainer or managers control panel for each course
  • Shows real time activity + history of course
  • Drill down to all levels of performance detail
  • Show person’s training history
  • Management level summaries of performance
  • Failure Analysis reports – a head up on where people are struggling

Disaster & Continuity

  • Full back-up and recovery if required
  • Mirror site maintained
  • A serious event would be remedied in under the hour
  • 95% of problems dealt with in minutes, rather than hours

Non-standard features supported by the LMS

  • Full Content Search and discovery
  • Roleplay abilities for pairing people together in a virtual scenarios
  • Dynamic Data engine to make content vary intelligently
  • Feedback system for live fault logging / content review and QA procedures
  • Advanced MI data recording of student actions
  • Authoring system for quizzes and supporting content curation
  • Authoring system for simulation based elearning

The Day One LMS consists of a core backbone with the above features and functions available. However, we tailor every LMS solution to the client’s unique requirements using a modular approach. Seen or heard about an LMS feature not shown above and you want to make it happen in yours?