Healthcare Systems Onboarding & Compliance Training

How our elearning solutions are modernising healthcare systems onboarding and compliance training for Millbrook.
Scenario-based content and a custom, branded LMS.

Millbrook Healthcare & clinical partners

Millbrook Healthcare is one of the UK’s largest independent health solution providers. Used by the NHS, local authorities and other healthcare organisations,  Millbrook sell, maintain and lease a huge range of mobility aids and assistive technologies for independent living

The equipment is provided by clinical professionals who carry out an assessment with the service users, and they need to be proficient in using an online portal to raise activities so that the equipment they choose can be delivered quickly. 

As well as taking orders and managing logistics, Millbrook has strict compliance requirements – maintaining the equipment in line with current legislation, and booking appointments with the service user to attend and test the equipment.

Key features


System simulations

Real-life scenarios

The challenge

Professionals who are prescribing the Millbrook equipment use the CARES software system to book the aids their patients need, and ensure that they are delivered and installed to suit the unique requirements of each service user. 

Millbrook needed to modernise their software, and to support hundreds of internal employees and over 14,000 external prescribers in onboarding with the new system, while remaining compliant.

We have an outdated and somewhat limited digital healthcare logistic solution and want to create a new updated solution that links everything together.

We have students that will have different access needs and need a blend that ensures a seamless change from one system to another.

Why Millbrook Chose Day One

It is important for us that the content the learners receive matches their role – Day One have shown the advantage of showing each learner this personalised route to help them use the system for their role

Working closely with Millbrook’s in-house subject matter experts, we designed engaging training modules and implemented effective ways to deliver and assess them. 

This marked a significant milestone as the first organised elearning initiative undertaken company-wide, overcoming internal apprehensions and proving highly successful in fostering elearning adoption and engagement among the staff.

Project Goals

Training that’s instantly available to new staff members
Reduced training costs
Easier updating of documents
Remote access to training across various staff and Millbrook locations
Track completion of modules for compliance
Linking of training to performance

The solution - Learning By Doing

Day One was tasked by Millbrook to develop a comprehensive elearning solution for onboarding and training users on their new system. This initiative aimed to create a seamless and engaging learning experience for Millbrook’s workforce.

Real world scenarios

Under the project, we crafted over 50 interactive system scenarios tailored to Social Care, Hospital Discharge, and Paediatric Prescribers. 

Authentic Service Users—Albert for Social Care, Doris for Hospital Discharge, and Elise for Paediatrics—along with their requisite equipment were introduced, enhancing the realism and relevance of the training. 

The integration of our Learning By Doing approach ensured immediate engagement and relevance for the trainees.

Personalised learning paths

To cater to the diverse roles within Millbrook, we implemented separate learning paths for Social Care, Hospital Discharge, and Paediatric Prescribers. 

Our personalised Learning By Doing approach heightened engagement and facilitated a unique route for each learner, ensuring that the content aligns with their specific roles.

A bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) was configured and branded to enable seamless access and progress tracking for all Millbrook prescribers.

The client verdict

Having training that is instantly available to new staff members and content that is easily updated has been a great win for us – having the ability to track completion for compliance and link the training to performance has been a huge benefit also.

Senior Applications Trainer
Millbrook Healthcare

Need help with engaging systems training?

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