eLearning for Construction Software, NBS Chorus

NBS develop collaboration software for the construction industry.
We created a full elearning solution to improve their customer onboarding.

Seamless training for collaborative building software

Construction specification is a complicated business. There are hundreds of plans, processes and products that need to be defined during a building project, and it involves input from architects, engineers, consultants and many others in the supply chain.

NBS Chorus is a collaborative software platform that brings all this together. It enables specifications to be created to UK, Canadian and Australian industry standards online, from any device by all members of the project team.

Key features



Bi-Yearly Updates

nbs elearning

The challenge:

NBS wanted the learning content to look and feel just like their software, and for learners with different roles (we identified seven learning pathways) to only access the material relevant to their specific role.

The content had to be interactive and immersive to increase user engagement and learner uptake, with the twin aims of reducing the burden on the NBS customer support team and driving sales revenues.

Why NBS chose Day One

The client chose us based on our experience in helping major brands to make onboarding faster and more effective through interactive content and software simulations. 

Learning by Doing

The elearning content integrates seamlessly with the Chorus software, so the learner can access the content directly at their point of need.

They can then practise using the software in the confidence that support is to hand where and when it’s needed. 

Custom LMS

We delivered a bespoke LMS that contains all the branded elements (font, colours, right amount of ‘white space’!) of their existing platform and their website.

System Simulations

The training was delivered using system simulations (Walk Through, and Try It) that give learners an opportunity to try a simulation of NBS Chorus in an effort to accomplish true-to-life tasks.


The course was broken into twelve modules, and different subsets of these twelve were delivered to the various user roles. This helped to keep learning relevant and prevent overwhelm.

The client verdict

“The solution that Day One delivered was exactly what we needed. It’s still early days but I’m confident that the training will have a significant impact on our business. We are already signposting all new customers to this valuable resource and it has also aided internal product training with the wider NBS team.”

Head of Customer Support, NBS

Engaging eLearning and Product Simulations

Whatever your elearning content or learning platform needs, the Day One team can deliver on them with a bespoke solution.

Want to learn more? Contact us for an informal discussion about your needs.

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