Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training: eLearning for Sports Coaches

An award-winning Sudden Cardiac Arrest training course for sports coaches – elearning development in association with Resuscitation Council UK, St John Ambulance and Joe Humphries Memorial Trust.

eLearning for Sport England & UK Coaching

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating.

If this happens, blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs. SCA usually causes death if it’s not treated within minutes.

Key features



Award Winning

The challenge

UK Coaching in association with Sport England wanted to deliver a free course to all of their sports coaches on how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and perform CPR if they found themselves in a situation where someone has a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

They wanted a course that was media rich, that was engaging and thought-provoking, and that would leave an impact on the learner so that they remember what to do in an SCA emergency.

Why UK Coaching chose Day One

UK Coaching had a launch date that only gave a few weeks for the build – we were up for the challenge. 

The client also chose us based on our experience in health environments, and in making content both engaging and interactive. 

Instead of a high level prototype, we built a detailed storyboard containing the design elements.

This allowed stakeholder reviews to take place before the content was built, and meant that feedback stages were shortened to mostly technical feedback and minor content tweaks.

The course was delivered on time, and UK Coaching released it the following week via their website.

Learning by Doing

The course contains a wide range of practical information and tips for sports coaches. Learners can put this new knowledge into practice with a wide range of interactive tests and challenges to drive both engagement and learning retention.
Martin Johnson CBE - Joe Humphries Memorial Trust Patron

Video Interviews

High quality immersive videos include an interview with SCA survivor Fabrice Muamba (former professional footballer) and Martin Johnson CBE (former England rugby union captain and team manager).

CPR 20 second challenge

Visually Engaging

Hosted on UK Coaching’s LMS the videos and elearning content needed to be visually engaging, while embedding the learning objectives. The hands-on, interactive learning includes a lifesaver challenge to put your knowledge and skills to the test.

Award Winning

We were delighted that with this project, UK Coaching won the Digital Learning and eLearning Award at the Learning Excellence Awards 2022 which took place at the National Conference Centre.

The client verdict

“A huge thank you for your relentless hard work and support with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest build!

I wanted to say thank you for your creative input, proactive attitude and ability to be super flexible while exploring solutions.

We also have had a really positive response from partners wanting to make this mandatory as part of their coach education offer. Also we have had overwhelming feedback about this being the best learning they have ever undertaken.”

Interactive elearning - Learning By Doing for skill development

Whatever your elearning content or learning platform needs, the Day One team can deliver on them with a bespoke solution.

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