Multilingual Telecoms Training - Government Defence Sector

In this outsourced government defence project for a client in the Middle East, we created over 600 microlearning modules to deliver telecoms training in Arabic and English.

School of Telecommunications - online learning suite

Working in partnership with a major UK training company, we created 600 microlearning modules for the ‘School of Telecommunications’. The end-users were government defence sector employers in the Middle East, and the multilingual eLearning content development was outsourced to us here at Day One.

Key features


System Simulations

3D environments

Multilingual elearning in Arabic and English

The challenge

The client wanted to supplement their existing face to face, instructor-led training to make content available for self-paced learning and ongoing professional development.

Many local defence sector employees had low levels of formal education and various levels of literacy, so multimedia content was required to engage, guide and immerse learners in the content.

As the client required the eLearning in both Arabic and English, this meant that everything needed to work both right-to-left and left-to-right.

Why the client chose Day One

A multimedia, multilingual elearning project of 600 elearning modules across 20 courses – created within very strict timescales – was an ambitious project. But we demonstrated both the will and resources to make it happen, as our core, in-house team is able to bring in trusted additional support for larger projects as required.

The client was also reassured by our experience in delivering successful, impactful training projects for some of the biggest UK and global brands.

Learning by Doing

Some of the learning content was geared towards officers (ie Leadership Training), while some was of a more technical and operational nature in the way of Health & Safety, Physics Theory and Technical System Simulations. Continuous learner feedback meant that they could recap any areas of weakness and incrementally improve.

Staged elearning development

Staged development

While the telecoms training content was of a technical nature, many of the learners were non-technical employees. So foundational learning materials were created as a starting point before developing in complexity.

Interactive elearning and gamification

Interactive gamification

Basic physics and electronics theory was embedded throughout the interactive learning materials, and gamification principles were used for assessments as the content became more advanced.

Telecoms system simulations

Contextual simulations

System simulations were used to bring contextual relevance to the training so that learning could carry over seamlessly into the real life work with telecommunications equipment and infrastructure, and 3D environments were created to develop an engaging, immersive experience.

Want to make training more engaging through interactive scenarios and Learning By Doing?

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