3D Interactive Training for BOC

Engaging 3D interactive training and a custom LMS for industrial gas company, BOC.
Learning by doing for thousands of workers across multiple sectors.

eLearning, LMS & eCommerce – Integrated

Industrial and healthcare gases supplier BOC is one of the world’s leading companies in its field, and the largest in the UK.

From this position of recognition and trust, BOC offer pressurised gas safety training courses to hundreds of companies and thousands of learners across the UK.

They wanted to make their training content more accessible and to grow their course sales revenue with an effective eLearning eCommerce solution, delivered via a custom LMS. They also wanted the training to be more user-friendly and engaging by adding more interactivity.

So they brought in the Day One team to help.

Key features

Real life scenarios


3D environments

The challenge

BOC wanted a new Learning Management System (LMS) as their current platform was not a good fit, it did not have the automation they needed – they wanted to make it easy for their sales team to focus on what they do best, sales.

As well as having the technical expertise required to deliver an integrated solution, we were chosen as their eLearning supplier based on our understanding of their goals and our focus on customer service.

They wanted their training content brought to life more by reducing the theoretical background knowledge and have learning that was just right for their learners needs – more focused on their working environments. Working in this way would ensure that learners remain engaged and complete the course.

Learning by Doing

We created a series of 3D interactive courses so that learners could explore an environment that made sense to them in the context of their day to day work. 

With end-users at over 100 organisations, including major global brands such as Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Harley Street Clinic and Coca-Cola, the three courses were:

PPE and cryogenics training


The cryogenics training is used by companies from SMEs to large organisations in Healthcare, Food Manufacturing, University Laboratories and Hospital Trusts.

Compressed gas safety training

Compressed Gas Safety

This training is designed for workshops and industrial use cases such as welding, as well as laboratories and hospitals.

'SureServe' (Gas Dispensing)

This type of pressurised gas is commonly used in catering and hospitality environments, such as bars and restaurants, mobile catering, and hotels.

eLearning, LMS & eCommerce – Integrated

Hosted within a custom LMS, each of the 3 courses makes branching scenarios available, so that separate use cases such as Labs or Workshops can get to more context-specific content, having started on the more generic training.

For example, the Cryogenic course has branching specific to Supervisors and Employers that differs from that delivered to employees.

This higher level of relevance is already bringing high levels of engagement and great feedback from learners.

The client verdict

“Day One have produced fantastic 3d rendered scenario-based eLearning modules for us. The variation in how the module questions are posed helps to keep the learner engaged, along with a fun award system to assist the learner with how their own progress is going throughout the module.

The menu function and review panel provided us with a very simple way to review the material through development and enabled all stakeholders across our business to easily add their comments.

The personal approach has been greatly appreciated and has enabled our vision to be achieved.

We would definitely use Day One again to generate further modules to complement the ones already developed.”

PSO & Service Manager, BOC Limited

Want to make training more engaging through interactive content and Learning By Doing?

Whatever your elearning content or learning platform needs, the Day One team can deliver on them with a bespoke solution.

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