Why Choose e-Learning? The Benefits of Online Training / Digital Learning

Online training is the go-to solution for many organisations when onboarding new employees or adopting new software, but why choose e-learning – what are its benefits?

e-Learning benefits

Digital learning is often picked because it’s considered to be a cheaper option than getting a trainer in, or because it’s more whizzy than a death by PowerPoint presentation. It can be both of those things, but it’s also much more.

Yes e-learning can reduce training costs – particularly for businesses where staff are geographically quite spread out, or large numbers of people need training in a short time frame – and it can deliver better outputs.

However it works better as part of a wider, blended learning programme. This is because staff can work through the e-learning with the assistance of a trainer, who can provide more in-depth training for the harder elements and also help anyone struggling with tricky content.

And yes, e-learning is also a very shiny, engaging solution and there are lots of ways to make it exciting for your staff. You can do all sorts of things with e-learning, from a full system simulation and linking it to your LMS, to adding in videos and animations and posting scores to Facebook.

However, it’s worth ensuring these bells and whistles don’t come at the expense of training value, as this will cost a lot more money at the outset and won’t properly prepare staff to use the new system you are introducing.


What’s the alternative?

Some companies rely on the buddy system to introduce new software systems. This ‘business as usual’ approach is very cost-effective as a small number of key workers are trained, and their expertise is then cascaded by sitting with trainees who watch them at work.

Monkey see, monkey do. This is not a very controlled roll out of a new system as quality may vary between key workers and there is no way of knowing how much the trainee has taken onboard during these buddy sessions.

You can also use traditional training methods, although this is dependent on being able to get staff together in one room which can be very expensive in terms of both time and resources.


The benefits of e-learning

The real deal closer for e-learning, is what you get left over afterwards. The results!

Mobile, high quality training content

With bespoke elearning content that’s made to be future-proof and easy to update, you can develop a library of digital learning materials that are adaptable for:

  • Self Paced Training
  • Refresher Training
  • On the go help
  • Out of Hours Training
  • Compliance Testing and Tracking
  • Interview + Pre Interview vetting


An indexable and searchable body of expertise

  • Data resource
  • Keyword search based training
  • A Base to assess the learning impact of any future changes


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