Day One & Virtual College Collaborate to Enhance eLearning with Simulation Based Training

UK online training companies Day One Technologies and Virtual College are collaborating on bespoke projects to create true-to-life, engaging learning experiences through elearning simulations.

The simulation based training systems have been created based on the principle that learning content that is more realistic and relevant to the learner’s role leads to greater levels of engagement and knowledge retention.

The Dynamic Data™ solution generates realistic work scenarios with randomly generated fictional customers, and delivers real-time performance feedback and analytics. Desktop systems can be tailored to mirror those of the workplace, so that when learners reach the required skill levels, the transition to a real-life working environment is seamless.

Simulation based training

When elearning needs to go beyond absorption of knowledge to development of skills and the necessity to think on one’s feet, Dynamic Data creates a way of helping learners to both acquire knowledge and challenge their abilities in a safe environment. The elearning simulations have been used in a range of corporate environments, including finance and call centres / customer service, with clients having included the likes of TSB and Lloyds Business Banking.

Day One and Virtual College each bring over 20 years of experience within the elearning market. Day One have worked with some of Europe’s leading household name brands, while Virtual College is one of the UK’s most well-known training companies, with nearly 3 million learners to date and experience across a wide range of sectors.

Day One Director, Elaine Teal, stated: “Virtual College are well-recognised in the elearning world as being up there with the best. They were the Gold Award winners for Excellence in the Design of Learning Content at Learning Technologies Awards 2017 and we are delighted that they have chosen us to be their partners.”

Fellow Director at Day One, Andy Cottier, added: “Virtual College are a strong brand who bring a lot of kudos to joint projects and the innovation we offer in elearning. They have a solid bedrock of technology and production expertise. We’re really looking forward to working with them more and I believe our knowledge sharing will deliver even more insight and expertise to the elearning market.”

Hayley Khan, Virtual College’s Head of Learning Technology Consultancy, commented: “We have worked closely with Day One on major projects over several years and are excited to offer this innovative training solution to the market.

Virtually any system you want to train staff on can be replicated, such as CRM, EPOS or HR systems.”