Workplace Wellbeing Training for Managers and Employees

We’re seeing increasing demand for workplace wellbeing training for managers and employees alike, as awareness is growing around the many benefits of a happy and healthy workforce.

Creating employee wellness elearning that is delivered as part of onboarding and development programmes shows from the very start that you, as an employer, value them as human beings.


Workplace wellbeing training


Reinforcing workplace wellness messages through development programmes for managers and teams can also be a valuable tool for demonstrating your values as a company, engaging your staff, and even increasing employee retention.

eLearning as the delivery method makes the content available 24/7 to a remote or hybrid team.

Here we look into the importance of workplace wellbeing training and examples of how to deliver it via elearning to make the process efficient and future-proof.


The Case for Supporting Employee Wellness

The CIPD reported that in 2019/20, stress, anxiety and depression accounted for over half of the 32.5 million work days lost due to work-related ill health in the UK alone. Furthermore, many people continue to work when unwell, and even use holiday or sick leave to continue working.

No wonder then that a Gallup study found that 76% of employees experience burnout at least sometimes, with 21% reporting that it’s very often and 7% stating that they feel it all the time. The reasons given by employees include: unmanageable workload, unfair treatment at work, and poor management.

Clearly, while employee wellbeing may feel to some as a soft issue, it is having hard, tangible business impact when it comes to absenteeism, let alone the negative effects of having people present but far from being at their best.

The benefits of wellbeing training for employees and their managers include:

  • Increased staff morale and personal productivity
  • Reduced absences
  • Better physical and mental health, reducing all-cause absences
  • Better team spirit and cohesion
  • A culture of wellbeing and positivity


eLearning for Employee Health and Wellness

We have worked on a number of elearning projects to support employee health and wellness training. These include:


Tommy’s – Training Line-Managers in Pregnancy and Loss

eLearning portal for Tommy's

Tommy’s research the causes and prevention of pregnancy complications, miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and neonatal death. The largest UK charity of this nature, they provide support and advice to women and families.

We created a suite of unique elearning and resources for workplace managers, which was designed in conjunction with parents, experts and cross-sector organisations.

Within months of its launch, it had been nominated for the Third Sector Awards – one of the most prestigious awards in this sector.

Learn more about our work with Tommy’s here.


Leadership Training – Middle East Project

Middle East leadership training

A leadership development consultancy in the UAE asked us to develop a series of elearning courses for senior delegates.

This wide-ranging training included modules on wellness topics such as Mindfulness and Self-Development, and required careful attention to the cultural, gender, race and class values of modern-day Abu Dhabi.

We developed serious games, surveys, psychological learning profile questionnaires, behavioural analysis-style surveys and reflective activities.

Within a year of the system being rolled-out, there had been almost 4,000 learners who had successfully logged on to the LMS with around 22,000 total learning hours between them.

Learn more about this elearning for leadership and management training.


Mind – Raising Mental Health Awareness

Nonprofit training case studies

We worked with 1st4sport and Mind – the UK’s largest mental health charity – to develop a mental health awareness elearning course designed specifically for sports coaches.

We took a story-based approach with the course content, including user stories, scenarios and case studies wherever possible.

This helped to put a human face onto the potentially challenging material we were covering to encourage empathy and understanding from learners.

Within a month of launch, the course had a 5-star rating on our client’s learning portal.

Learn more about our work on creating elearning for Mind.


Could we help you to improve workplace wellbeing?

If you’re interested in hearing more about our solutions and how elearning content, learning platforms and scenario based training could help your organisation, do contact us for a chat about your needs and goals.